I am not marrying my soulmate in September. I am marrying the man i want to continue discovering the future with, I can not imagine it otherwise. We have been through a lot together: two deployments to iraq, ups and downs, love and death, inspiration and funks, near and far, change and consistency, secrets and truths, quite moments and loud graces, the new and the old, frustration and clarity, long drives and quick kisses, privacy and public display. There has been much and yet there is a life time more.

there is…

1. a cab in my office parking lot. this is weird because i am the only one who is supposed to be at work today… and well, most people do not take a cab to meet with their architect. also, my boss is out of town, and the only other employee is under constant surveillance of his father. he was arrested last week. for bad bad things (i would never have guessed). why is there a cab in my parking lot?

2. no way I will make it through this weekend with out knowing if we are pre-approved for a home loan. i need to know so that i can dismiss my dreams of a cute little bungalow for a generic apartment with bad carpet and old appliances.

3. a glint of sunshine in all the negative feedback/discoveries in the fact that i have a job when we move to MI. it might be a super pay cut, but it is a job - in michigan. we can make bank when cpt is a lawyer and making the big $$.