I am not marrying my soulmate in September. I am marrying the man i want to continue discovering the future with, I can not imagine it otherwise. We have been through a lot together: two deployments to iraq, ups and downs, love and death, inspiration and funks, near and far, change and consistency, secrets and truths, quite moments and loud graces, the new and the old, frustration and clarity, long drives and quick kisses, privacy and public display. There has been much and yet there is a life time more.

wow. we have 4 weeks until we leave alaska. there is so much that has yet to be decided. and so many decisions to wonder about. the job hunt is still on, Captain just passed up an amazing job with an amazing salary in chicgao - are we doing the right thing? im working on more work samples and cleaning up the resume right now. more mass sending this week. i found an awesome job i would like to apply to. Cpt will not let me apply. there is a possibility of getting sent to iraq for civi work. i see that as an adventure, he remembers what he has been through there. this is one of the few times i will let him tell me what to do. i suppose he lost a bit of himself there - does not want to loose his wife too. im a bit sad about it, great adventure, would have been better than the peace corps, and i wont lie, it comes with a salary to match. we start packing this weekend. taking pictures of all of our favorite places too; the house with 6’ of garbage on the lawn, the half an air plane at the corner, the geodesic dome down the block, the house that used to be a forest fire look out tower, the pawn shop, my coffee house, ricker dog’s river, the beginning of our lives.