I am not marrying my soulmate in September. I am marrying the man i want to continue discovering the future with, I can not imagine it otherwise. We have been through a lot together: two deployments to iraq, ups and downs, love and death, inspiration and funks, near and far, change and consistency, secrets and truths, quite moments and loud graces, the new and the old, frustration and clarity, long drives and quick kisses, privacy and public display. There has been much and yet there is a life time more.

I have been MIA

Now I am sitting in a hotel in Anchorage after trading in the truck (we miss you blue). Anchorage has at least double the amount of dealerships than Fairbanks. FB does not have a VW dealer. So we drove the 8 hours. We are now proud owner of a dark blue jetta TDI. We will get 50 miles to the gallon when we make the exodus out of Alaska back down to the L48. Talk about saving a TON of cash - o, and it’s way better for the enviro I hear. 

Life is changing at the speed of light and this is only one small minute aspect of it all. Ok, prom is happing down the hall peace out - 

I always wanted to go to the prom at 27yrs old.